Models and tales from an alternate history


Model makers & concept designers…..Objects, vehicles, weapons, people across the centuries from our Alternate History.

High quality scale model kits, concept art, models, prototypes, costumes and props for museums, theatres, movies and television.

Kit e modelli di alta qualità, design, concept, prototipi, costumi e accessori, per musei, teatri, cinema e televisione.



Katherine 1/12 and 1/24 figures

We are coming back with some fantastic news! The definitive prototype of our Katherine, the Steam Monobike rider in 1/12 scale, will premiere at the Verbania Model Show 2018 this week end. We will also present the new 1/24 scale kit of the Monobike and the dedicated figure. We take this opportunity to thank our…

1935 Bugatti/Tesla mag lev race car

After months of hard work, we are pleased to announce that during the RED DEVILS AWARDS 2017 in Thiene, on 6th and 7th of May, will be officially presented the complete 3d printed model of our new UcronicAge kit: Bugatti / Tesla Mag-Lev race car, scale 1/24 with all the info. Dopo mesi di intenso…

1935 Bugatti/Tesla mag lev race car

We are pleased to announce that the 3d design of our new model is almost done! The new kit, inspired by the Bugatti /Tesla scratchbuilt by Stefano Marchetti in 1/8 scale, will be made in 1/24 scale. For any information, feel free to contact us Abbiamo il piacere di comunicarvi che la progettazione 3d del…

1935 Bugatti/tesla 159 SC Mag Lev race car

-We are proud to announce the next UcronicAge Kit:- 1935 Bugatti/Tesla 159 SC magnetic levitation race car prototype – 1/24 scale.Based on the original 1/8 scale scratchbuilt model by Stefano Marchetti.Cad model by Daniele Cattarin Siamo orgogliosi di presentarvi in anteprima il nuovo Kit attualmente in fase di sviluppo e presto in produzione.La Bugatti/Tesla 159…

1896 Modern Steam Monobike

We are proud to present the first model kit produced by Ucronic Age. Through our models and with the help of Augusto Chiarle ‘s tales, we will be taking a closer look at the vehicles, characters and events that characterize the history of our parallel world. UCRONIC AGE: Model makers & concept designers…..objects, vehicles, weapons,…

1896 Modern Steam Monobike

Sofia took out an old, yellowing photograph from her wallet. It was a photo of her mother, young and dressed in old British outfit, standing beside the first ever version of the Monowheel, with the year 1896 (the year Sofia was conceived) and the words “We won” … From ” The Race” short tale by…

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